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DIY Valentines Day Decor: Crochet Heart Garland


We’re back in the holiday mood and looking forward to the prettiest holiday of them all, Valentines Day! We’ve decided that whether you want to show a loved one how you feel, or just treat yourself to a new decoration this crochet heart garland is ideal. The hearts are super cute, take only around 15 minutes to make each and can brighten up any room. What’s not to love…?


You’ll need to know a little bit about crochet to make this garland. Crochet may seem complicated at first, but once you get to grips with the stitches you can make so many different items. Look up beginner crochet on Find and Craft so get started


Start with a magic ring of 8sc

Round 1: 2ch, 2tr into next 7 stitches, sl st into 2nd ch

Round 2: 2sc into first tr, trtr into next 2tr, 3htr into next tr, 2sc into next 5tr, 3htr into next tr, trtr into next 2tr 2sc into the last tr of the ring, sl st into round 1.

Cut off your thread and using the crochet hook pull the excess thread through to the back. Secure by threading threads into the work and cutting off any extra.

Once you’ve made all the hearts that you want thread them onto pieces of wool and hang over a window, on a door frame or along a wall to get some love in the air!




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